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    Tired of lousy support from Google?

    • “All they want is for you to try to spend more”
    • “I have resorted to small animal sacrifice”
    • “Google Ad support is horrible”
    • “Google Ads support sucks”
    • “We have no one to talk to”
    • “Never met any real expert there”
    • “Even the platform gives bad advice”
    • “I’ve called in over a dozen times”

    If you could ask any question about Google Ads which could help your campaigns make money, and stop wasting money — what would it be?

    If you want to manage your own PPC campaigns without agency fees and get occasional help as you need it — your choices are very limited.

    Mostly your only support is from Google themselves, but there are drawbacks:

    • Availability can be limited
    • The quality of support can vary drastically
    • They don’t spend money on clicks like you do
    • Their goal is single-mindedly to get you to buy more clicks, making them more money
    • They do not know and can never know your business, nor would they ever want or need to
    • Sometimes they don’t speak your language natively, or have difficult accents to understand
    • If they knew your business could never make money with Google Ads campaigns, they would never tell you to stop buying clicks (neither would an agency, but I do)

    You’ve got questions and need help with Google Ads – we have the answers.

    I have been in technical support my entire 46 year working career, with many technologies in a variety of roles, including setting up and running a European-level IT helpdesk supporting hundreds of staff across a dozen locations as part of a global 24×7 operation.

    PPC Helpdesk™ is a new service under development.

    • Guaranteed answers and solutions to Google Ads problems
    • Self-service Knowledge Base
    • Simple, fixed monthly fee
    • Tutorials and lessons
    • Timely responses
    • Ticket-based
    • 20 years’ experience with Google Ads
    • Digital Business Expert and Author on Amazon
    • Former corporate IT technical support and helpdesk manager for KLA-Tencor Corporation

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