Michael Paske

[custom_blockquote style=”yellow”]”I was about to give up on the whole AdWords Management thing. I saw lots of money going out and none coming in.” [/custom_blockquote] [divider style=”solid”][/divider] “Have you ever had a management company run your AdWords account? Do you feel that they are not providing the service that you are paying for?

If your answer yes, then get in contact with David Rothwell.

I was about to give up on the whole AdWords thing. I saw lots of money going out and non coming in. In addition to this, I had a company that didn’t make any recommendations to our campaign and every suggestion was from me. I may as well run the account myself.

You explained everything that needed work on and also recommended changes to the site that would help me with the campaigns. David was quickly able to show me a number of things that were incorrect with the account.

From no negative keywords, adds being displayed on the incorrect Networks, not enough ad variations as well as many other things.

David is a true professional. The promptness and an attitude that cares about what we are trying to achieve and strategies on how we can do this. Attention to detail is high.

In addition to this, he has given me some recommendations to my website in order to improve my conversion rates.

Prompt service. Easy to talk to and get the point across. I am sure there will be more as the time progresses.

Due to this, I have decided to change my account providers and I look forward to a long term relationship with him.”

– Michael Paske, London UK