• Procedure | How to accept an MCC account linking request

    How to find your Google Ads account ID and accept linking permission from a Google My Client Center Manager account (MCC)

    We use a centralised Google Manager account (MCC) link for all client accounts.

    Please do not invite us to manage your account or provide your own confidential Google Account credentials.

    No personal or payment information is available to us at any time via the link.

    The link is temporary and you can revoke it at any time.

    Step 1
    Login to your Google account, typically your Gmail account.

    Then when logged in, go to www.ads.google.com in your browser of choice.

    You will be taken to your Google Ads account, where you can see your unique ID number in the top right hand side of the screen as shown (blurred here).

    It looks like 123-456-7890

    Provide this number to us by voice, email, WhatsApp or whatever method you prefer.

    Please do not provide login details or an account invitation for security reasons.

    We will alert you by email after requesting link permission. This process only takes a few minutes.

    Step 2
    To grant us link permission, please login and follow the steps below, and from the main menu select:

    1. Tools and settings
    2. Access and security
    3. MANAGERS tab

    and select MCC | Rothwell Media Ltd.

    Our MCC tells us when you have accepted linking permission.

    Step 3
    Once linked, we will invite you to book a Zoom screen share call for the ROI Audit, and discuss the results and next steps.

    Zoom calls are free via an online link, you do not need a Zoom account, they last a maximum of 40 minutes, and your team members can also attend.

    Unless you request otherwise, Zoom calls are recorded so you don’t need to take notes, and we will send you the recording after the call if desired.

    All zoom recordings are strictly client confidential and will never be shared.

    30 April 2024 at 09:35