How do I know your system works?

→ We have case studies, testimonials and screen shots from profitable clients who are earning more than they spend on AdWords with unlimited daily budgets

→ Our book is available on Amazon which details the exact system we use to manage AdWords campaigns as profit centers

Why must I qualify?

→ Our system has taken 8 years to develop, and it will only work when correctly integrated with your AdWords campaigns, website, and sales processes

→ Not every business has all the resources it needs for our system, and we can only work with carefully selected business partners

What is the Free AdWords Profit Audit?

→ We audit your AdWords campaigns to determine your current profitability, wasted ad spend, and opportunities to increase and improve your sales volumes and values

→ We will request a link to your AdWords account (please don’t issue a sharing invite); no private or payment information is visible to us and you can remove the link at any time

What happens if I don’t qualify for Commission-only Management?

→ We provide No Fix, No Fee AdWords Consulting for in-depth problem solving for AdWords campaigns, web pages, and sales processes (hourly rates apply, presently $595.00 US per hour)

Apply here for No Fix, No Fee AdWords Consulting

What happens during the application?

→ We audit your campaigns to make sure everything is in place, and if you qualify we’ll invite you to work with us

What happens if I’m accepted?

→ We will agree with you a profitable target Return on Ad Spend (Total Conversion Cost / Total Ad Spend) based on your average order values, average margins, and sales volumes

→ We will agree with you a mutually acceptable Commission rate based on a percentage of your Gross Revenue as recorded in your AdWords account at the end of the first 30 days (this is different for every client)

→ We will provide you with a strategic plan of the required steps, and we will never make any changes to your account without your permission

→ We will build and optimize new campaigns based on your historical performance, or new research we carry out

→ Please note there is presently a one-time only campaign research, build and setup fee of $995.00 USD which covers all our initial work with you, including consulting time, calls and emails

→ On acceptance we will invoice you this amount for PayPal payment or bank transfer

What happens at the end of the first 30 days?

→ Our goal is to reduce your wasted ad spend and increase the volume and value of your sales by at least the amount we charge in commission

→ Provided we achieve that, our service has paid for itself

→ We invoice you for the agreed amount of commission that applies to the first 30 days

→ If you like the service you can continue for as long as you want, there’s no contract

What happens if I’m not happy with the results?

→ You do not have to continue and we will restore your AdWords Campaigns from a backup to how they were before we started

→ If we have not achieved our aims, there’s no commission charge (which is why our application process is more rigorous than others)

→ The one-time setup fee is not refundable, and you keep all the work we have undertaken for you at that point