No Fix, No Fee AdWords Consulting

You’ve had the Free AdWords Profit Audit.

Now, we’ll solve your AdWords problem – or you pay nothing


The more you delay, the more money you could waste on Google

Free Profit Audit

Tell us your problem and we’ll audit your campaigns for the solution.

We’ll send you a summary of what’s going wrong.

If we don’t believe we can help fix your problem we won’t invoice you.

But if we do, you could save the consulting fee many times over.


If we know the solution to your problem, we’ll invoice you for 60 minutes of consulting (presently $597.00 USD).

You can then choose a date and time to connect with us on skype.

All online consulting calls are recorded to mp3 for convenience.

No Fix No Fee

All payments are by online PayPal link.

But, if you don’t agree that we have provided the solution to your problem, we will immediately refund your payment.

With our unique No Fix, No Fee AdWords Consulting, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

What’s included in your 60 minutes No Fix, No Fee AdWords Consultation

Campaign Design and Build

  • Search
  • Dynamic Search
  • Display
    • Text
    • Images
  • Display Remarketing
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Calls only (New!)

Google Shopping for eCommerce

  • Online Channels
  • Local Shops
  • Google Merchant Center
    • Data feeds
    • Google Shopping (Product Listing Ad) Campaigns

Sales Processes & Workflows

  • Phone call tracking & orders
  • Offline Conversion import

Network selection

  • Search & Partner
  • Display Network

Device selection

  • PC / Tablets
  • Mobiles & Smartphones

Location Targets & Exclusions

  • Country
  • Metro
  • State
  • City

Bidding Strategies

  • Manual CPC
  • Flexible Bids
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Conversion Optimizer (CPA)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Advanced Delivery Methods

  • Standard
  • Accelerated
  • Scheduling & Day Parting
  • Keyword Matching Options

Ad Rotation & Frequency Capping

  • Rotate
  • Optimise for Clicks
  • Optimise for Conversions


  • Match Types
    • Broad
    • Modified Broad
    • Phrase
    • Exact
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Diagnosis
  • User Search Queries
  • Keyword Opportunities
  • Negative Keywords & Match Types

AdWords Editor v10 and v11

Daily Budgets

Ad Groups

  • Default Bids
  • Keyword Themes


  • Ad Messaging & Demographics
  • Creative Text & Formatting
  • Images
  • Display Ad Builder
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis
  • Landing Page Analysis

Ad Extensions

  • Sitelinks
  • Locations
  • Calls
  • Reviews
  • Callouts

Online Conversion Tracking (90 days max)

  • Conversion Rates
  • Conversion Costs
  • Conversion Values
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Transaction-Specific Conversion Tracking

Segmentation Analysis

  • Custom Columns
  • Device performance
  • Network performance
  • Top vs Other position performance

Impression Share

  • Lost IS (Budget)
  • Lost IS (Rank)

Shared Library

  • Shared Budgets
  • Automated Rules
  • Flexible Bid Strategies
  • Audiences & Exclusions
  • Campaign Negative Keywords
  • Display Campaign Placement Exclusions

AdWords Campaign Experiments

Search Funnels

  • Assisted Impressions & Clicks
  • Assisted Conversions

Dimension Analysis

  • Days & Times
  • Geographic
  • User Locations
  • Automatic Placements
  • Call Details (Call Extensions)

Competitor Ad Auction Insights Reporting

Browser Languages

What’s excluded from Consulting

Third party tools and services

  • Google Analytics
  • Landing page optimisation (e.g. Crazy Egg)

Broken sales processes and offers

  • Visitors won’t buy because of pricing considerations or quote comparisons



  • This is down to you
  • Or we can do it for you with a separate charge

No Fix, No Fee AdWords Consulting (60 mins, $597.00 USD)

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