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[custom_blockquote style=”yellow”]”Before we started we thought that it was mostly a scam and that we would not get our money out of it”[/custom_blockquote] [divider style=”solid”][/divider]

“But we needed AdWords Consulting so we thought that we will give it a try. Also the course was set for over a period of 12 weeks and we thought it was too long.

Our biggest problem was our Google advertising costs, which were increasing while the leads that we were getting was decreasing, so our cost per lead was increasing.

Also we had some understanding of PPC but were not sure if that was good enough.

But we never thought that there was so much aspects to AdWords and how to handle them. Google AdWords is innocently deceptive for the naive user. The course helped us a lot to understand that this is more powerful for an advanced user.

What we liked most about the consulting was the knowledge we gained from how to do PPC in Google and related areas, whaich has been invaluable to us.

The best part is the ongoing AdWords Consulting.

It made us learn the concepts so we would then apply and do it ourselves and then come back with questions.

This structure beats other courses hands down. If it was a 24 hour class in two days there is no way we would have absorbed all the material that was told and practiced it to its fullest extent.

Kudos to David for thinking of such an effective format.

The biggest benefits we’re getting is that our advertising cost has almost reduced by half producing the same number of leads.

This alone pays for the AdWords Consulting that we took with David.

It does not matter whether a small company or a large company, David’s consulting will be useful for any company in this range to make effective use of their money in the PPC domain.

David was very patient, he took his time in understanding our business, giving suggestions, not only in PPC, but in tweaking the website so that we see conversions as well.

Overall it was a great course, we all learnt a lot. I don’t think other courses/teacher could have been this thorough or informative.

We would recommend David to anyone who wants to do PPC.”

– Rajesh Velayuthasamy, Integra Outsourcing, USA, UK and India