“Clicks, Customers, Cashflow – the AdWords Bible for eCommerce” by David Rothwell. Look inside now on Amazon

“A major contribution to the AdWords literature, the most up-to-date source of reliable insight and information on the subject” – Ken McCarthy, Internet Pioneer, and founder of The System Seminar

How to market your business on Google – for profit

In 2013, Google made $32.2 billion from online ads.

That’s more than the entire GDP of Panama, or the 31 poorest countries in the world combined.


AdWords clearly works

But does it work for you?

Unlike Google, you don’t get paid for clicks, you get paid for sales and leads.

Do you make more money than you spend on AdWords?

If not, you’re in the majority of advertisers where AdWords is a cost center.

“Follow the Money”

At first glance, AdWords seems simple, straightforward and eminently fair.

But Google takes advantage of ignorance all the time, and a little knowledge about AdWords and how it works is usually a dangerous thing.

This advanced guide is not for beginners.

It cost £24 Million GBP (US $38 million) in client ad buys to research and took 9 years to write. It is your launchpad to the next level.

In it you will learn why AdWords always works, and how to “follow the money” to turn your campaigns into profit centers.

Lifetime updates

The book comes with unlimited lifetime updates and a limited time offer of free consulting with the Author and 30 day support to qualifying purchasers.

The system it teaches uses no complicated and expensive third-party tools other than the free AdWords Editor software, and Microsoft Excel.


“Buying the Right Click”.

Learn how to target your products and services to the right people, with the right message, in the right place, at the right time, on the right device, for the right amount of money.


“Clicks are for Show, but Conversions are for Dough”.

Google gets paid for clicks, but you don’t – you get paid for conversions.

Learn how Conversion Tracking works, how it goes wrong, and how to get it right.


“Show me the Money”.

Your business is in business for one reason – to earn profit.

How to take your campaigns to unlimited daily budgets and accelerated delivery.

This book is not out to “sell you” AdWords

It’s an aerial view which reveals the true purpose of Adwords as a “Profit Supply Chain”, with countless real world examples, screen shots, hard data, specific examples of what works and what doesn’t.

It has a single focus on profitable conversions and asks you hard questions about your business economics and sales processes.

Inside are new ideas and new ways of looking at things that often challenge accepted “best practices”. The book covers it all. The how and the what and the why.

Data beats opinion

Profitable AdWords management isn’t about activity, but results. It isn’t about having great quality scores and low CPA’s if you aren’t making money.

Nothing matters more than a steady, predictable supply of profitable conversions. If you don’t know your numbers, pause all your campaigns now.

AdWords is not easy and 95% of the people who set themselves as experts don’t know anything beyond making ad buys.

Permanently employable

You can use this system to work from home, office, car, hotel room, or any other location with an Internet connection.

Choose your clients, what you want them to pay you, when and where you want to work.

AdWords is nothing less than a miracle of direct response advertising, with almost real-time control, targeting, data acquisition and reporting.

When you master AdWords, you will be permanently employable and able to generate an income for your business, or other businesses who will pay you for it, based on the only thing that matters – profit.

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About David Rothwell

David Rothwell has been an AdWords Management Agency, Consultant and Trainer to world-wide businesses since 2005, and specialises Google AdWords for eCommerce merchants.

He is a featured speaker at International Marketing conferences in Chicago, London, New York, and Maui Hawaii, hosted by industry experts and Amazon AdWords Authors including Perry Marshall, Howie Jacobson, and Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar.

He is the author of "Clicks, Customers,Cashflow: The AdWords Bible for eCommerce", out now on Amazon.