[custom_blockquote style=”yellow”]”The account had been on set-it-and-forget-it mode for some time.

Although there were some successful aspects of the account, David showed me there was a lot more upside than we’d ever tapped into.”[/custom_blockquote] [divider style=”solid”][/divider]

“I spent worthwhile time with David going over our AdWords efforts.

The two biggest things you’ll get from the Consulting is:

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  • Seeing how the lifecycle of an AdWords campaign matters…it’s not just the mechanics, but the order of the mechanics and strategies over time
  • You’ll see how David’s methodology of discover, optimize, expand can be done specifically with your business

Although the AdWords Consulting is simple in presentation, it’s complex in it’s specificity.

Even if you’re just thinking about hiring David, the consultation is worth doing to uncover missed opportunities.”

– Matt DeYoung, 10Spaces